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Codex entries found at the Temple of Mythal even goes so far as to suggest that he was actually a God of Rebellion who got a Historical Villain Upgrade , meaning he might lean closer to Neglectful Precursor or God Is Flawed than previously believed. The K-sigs pledges would sing "I'm a little Kappa Sig. To put it in perspective: SenZar offers too many examples of this trope to count including, potentially, evil player characters who ascend to godhood , but the prize for most jerkassness goes to the Eternals, the only type of gods who actually gain even more power for being complete jackasses. Then we would thank them by singing "something in my pocket": Even Saradomin, who is worshipped by most of the characters in-game, doesn't really seem to care much about his worshippers, and was actively participating in the God Wars without a second thought.
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2. ”Che, boludo!” (Argentine Spanish)

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The Daedric Princes are the most powerful of the Daedric beings, immortal entities who existed prior to the creation of Mundus, the mortal plane, and who did not sacrifice any of their power to help create Mundus as the Aedra did. Any time that someone is killed with his guns, it counts as a human sacrifice to him. He was portrayed more positively by the Romans however, due to them having a stronger military tradition than the Greeks. Add to that his other highly questionable actions, like the Pandora's Box incident, and he is perhaps the biggest asshole of all. I really enjoyed it, and I was actually really pleased with that element of the movie where I do get laughs and am technically the straight man. Every single god and goddess in Kid Icarus: His grand master-plan was responsible for every single happy moment of your life
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The Ancient Greek Who Flashed Her Way to Freedom - Fact Fiend

All of the gods were man-made through animancy. This leads to his death. Instead, he selfishly manipulates everyone else in a bid to increase his own power. The sole exception who qualifies as a true Jerkass is the Amygdala , he along with the School of Mensis flip upon the world with no apparent reason. The gods in Pillars of Eternity tend towards this.
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Privacy Top 10 Lists Cracked History. It's not hard to see why as he supports All Crimes Are Equal most punishments having something to do with fire and the fact that if you're too awesome he will kill you. Fortunately their foil , Landorus, is far more benevolent. And if the legends are to be believed, he not only locked both the Creators and the Forgotten Ones away, but was enough of a Jerk Ass that the latter, who themselves were true Evil Gods , counted him among their numbers. Although Zero Punctuation does not contain examples of the trope, it does have a rather appropriate summary of it: So how does he pick his successor? Except for two and Shirohime, who is Kurohime's love for humanity personified.
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