Weatherproof spandrel glass penetration

It allows pressure equalization between manufacturing locations, shipping, and installation locations. On the other hand, butyl adhesives do not provide sufficient adhesion on nonporous materials such as pigmented structural glass. The material to be used as an air barrier should be aluminum if the curtain wall system is aluminum, or at least a sheet of metal, and at the very least a rigid element. The High Selective range presents the highest performing energy characteristics available in high light transmitting low emissivity coatings from Guardian. If the air barrier material has a sufficiently low permeability to water vapour flow, it will act as a vapour barrier; otherwise a separate vapour barrier may be required. Gay, Charles Merick and Parker, Harry.

Breathtaking exteriors start with great design and great products.

Window Glossary

Not an entrance door which provides ground-floor security but little weather resistance. Honors in Mathematics from St. Each operating sash has glides or rollers to permit easy operation. As tastes changed and production costs rose, however, pigmented structural glass fell into disfavor and disuse by midth century. For this reason, American importers generally only deal in white and black glass. Requirements and tests method for class A, B and S coatings.

Preservation Brief The Preservation of Historic Pigmented Structural Glass

The higher the number, the better the product is at resisting typical sound frequencies excluding airplane and train noises. Garibaldi Glass Tempering Capacity: Miracle Mile, Wilshire Blvd. For the correct handling and treatment of coated glass please refer to Guardian's Processing Directives for Architectural Glass Products. Glass is generally a durable material, and if properly maintained, can last almost forever. The Steel Siding Interface When connecting an aluminum curtain wall system to a steel siding, some thought must be given to the long term corrosion potential of the connecting elements.
The trowelled-on mastic has vapour barrier qualities, but it is not considered an adequate air barrier under any circumstances. The Corner Interface Buildings using curtain wall systems are often required to form an inside or outside corner. Bond breakers such as paint or butyl tapes have proven satisfactory to many of the curtain wall system manufacturers. Fortunately, commercial solvents may be purchased which are capable of softening the hardened mastic, such as methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and acetone. In both cases, the smooth, slick, reflective surface made the material intensely popular with architects or designers who sought the "modern look. The maintenance of a dry masonry substrate, mastic, and metal anchors is essential to the longevity of a pigmented structural glass veneer.

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