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You stupid girl, you had to drink so much of those baby bottles. Lynn found herself kicking her legs, crying and begging for the nurse to stop the spanking. Sure enough when her thick diaper was opened up there was her cum all over her vagina mixed with the mess on her bottom. Miss Camen is going to take care of us. It felt like such a relief. She had to convince Lynn tat she was still an adult and not a baby.

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Katie tried to talk but it wasn't understandable. Holly didn't know it but Katie's mom noticed her rubbing her self out of the corner of her eye while she was spanking Katie. Or maybe not, maybe she's gonna just change my diaper like she said, oops there it goes oh noooo, this is so embarrassing. Katie wakes up instantly and sits up in her crib and hits her head on the mobile hanging from it. Looking closely at it. Her mother says no babies do use pillows. If the shot that she was given earlier really worked, Lynn would be wearing wet diapers like any baby would be.

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When she finished Katie, she dragged her over to the sand castle and picked up Jenny and put her on the changing mat. She wanted out of this room, but was not yet use to the idea of crawling and drinking from a baby bottle. Holly leads them toward that section and again Katie slows and falls behind from her waddling and her mother backs up and grabs her by the hand and pulls her along. She could feel the effects of the enema starting to work, and quickly. Katie's mom tapes up the first diaper then pulls out a second and tapes it on her daughter. This was not allowed at the hotel.
She looked at Jim and said, "What are you still looking at huh? The onesie followed and then a romper suit or apair of overall shorts completed his dressing, both having either poppers or zips to make changing easier On colder days he was put into a pair of woolly tights but when it was wafiner he had white ankle socks and bare legs. Removing the pacifier gag and the feeding tray, they help her out of the seat and had her sit on the carpeted floor. Already, you are wincing, for me to put a clean dress shirt over my muddy arms and muddy t-shirt. It is with these images and mood that we approach the gospel for today, the epistle lesson. Katie's eyes teared up and she was trying to hold back from crying.

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